På denne siden finner du en samlet oversikt over kurs, konferanser, seminarer m.m. som arrangeres i Norge innenfor feltet nord-sør.


Næringslivets Konferanse for Internasjonalisering og Utvikling 2018

Arrangør: Innovasjon Norge, Norad, Norfund og NHO

Broen til framtiden 2018

Arrangør: Framtiden i våre hender


På Global-Torget kan organisasjoner og kursaktører tilby og etterspørre kurs. Tilbud og etterspørsler etter kurs vil bli lagt på denne nettsiden og postet i et nyhetsbrev med dette formål.


Torget har et eget nyhetsbrev. Meld deg på her:

Kurs utenfor Norge

Introduction to international development

(BOND 29. januar 2018) Our unique introductory course has been completely revised to reflect the latest thinking and practice in international development. This course quickly brings you up to speed with the most important global issues and emerging debates.

Online Monitoring and Evaluation

(INTRAC - januar og februar 2018) The Online Monitoring and Evaluation course will strengthen your skills in supporting the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of projects and programmes from programme design through to evaluation and impact assessment, and help you to tackle M&E challenges that you may be facing.

Advocacy and Policy Influencing

(INTRAC 19.- 23. februar) This course gives participants a thorough understanding of how to influence the policy making process in their own context to achieve policy change. You will learn skills to help you plan and deliver effective advocacy strategies; enhance your ability to influence decision makers; and gain confidence in the ways in which you relate to different audiences. You will also have a more thorough understanding of power dynamics in an advocacy context.

Theory of Change for Planning and Impact Assessment

(INTRAC 12.-16. mars 2018) Interest in developing and using Theories of Change both for planning and assessing impact has grown rapidly over the last few years. Theories of Change can be set at different levels and are being used in a number of ways. At one end of the scale, they are pulled together by one person to support a programme proposal or a specific donor demand. At the other end, they are facilitated over a period of several months and include wide consultation with staff, partners and beneficiaries, and are used to inform strategy at all levels.

Measuring Social Impact

(NEF Consulting 13.- 14. mars 2018) How do you know you are making a difference?  Proving social impact is not just critical  to funders and investors, it is a guiding light for most socially driven professionals.  But too often people are put off by complex tools or dry approaches.

Introduction to monitoring, evaluation and learning

( BOND 19. mars 2018) This one-day introduction is designed to increase your understanding of monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL). It will stimulate ideas on how to design and implement monitoring and evaluation processes that strengthen accountability and learning, and so promote project, programme and strategy effectiveness. 

Planning and practice in monitoring, evaluation and learning

(BOND 20. mars 2018) Take this course to improve and strengthen your skills and learn more about designing and adapting different approaches and methods for monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL).