Afrika Nå: Ethiopia - ethnic politics, reform and the road ahead

Abiy Ahmed was the prime minister on everyone's lips from April 2018. In one year he has made peace with Eritrea, freed thousands of opposition prisoners, opened up to foreign investors, survived an assassination and a mutiny, appointed women as half of the government and the president and tackled corruption and human rights violations within the ruling party.

However, Ethiopia is facing growing communal and ethnic tensions within the country and had the highest numbers of internally displaced people in the world in 2018. What role does ethnic politics have in this regard? Does practicing ethnic politics influence the process of democratizing the country? And is federalism in Ethiopia possible without ethnicity being involved?

We invite you to a conversation on these subjects between:

Wondimu Mekkonnen, lecturer at the University of Buckingham

Lovise Aalen, Research director at Christian Michelsen Institute, focusing on the Horn of Africa

Abeselom Habtemichael, MSc fellow at the University of Salford, will be the moderator

Start: 2019.03.27 18:00
Arrangør: Fellesrådet for Afrika