Breakfast seminar: Support to Human Rights Defenders and work against impunity

As impunity encourages human rights abuses, bringing perpetrators to account is not only necessary to ensure justice and protection to the affected communities, but also to enhance prospects of peaceful, stable and inclusive societies. Often in the absence of States’ actions, local Human Rights Defenders work on accountability and against a culture of impunity. This work is difficult and dangerous, as it challenges the status quo and established power structures.

This year, The Norwegian Human Rights Fund (NHRF) is celebrating 30 years of direct support to Human Rights Defenders and we will use this year to highlight the work we support. In this seminar we invite you to engage in a dialogue with members of the NHRF’s Advisory Board. The panellists will address the situation for human rights defenders in the world today and in particular those working on the issues of impunity, torture, extra juridical killings and arbitrary detention; how the UN Committee against Torture works to address the problem of impunity; as well experiences with work with accountability from a regional perspective in Latin America.

Start: 2018.03.22 08:15
Arrangør: Det norske menneskerettighetsfond