På denne siden finner du en samlet oversikt over kurs, konferanser, seminarer m.m. som arrangeres i Norge innenfor feltet nord-sør.


Global Investors Making Transparency Possible

Arrangør: PWYP Norway med flere


På Global-Torget kan organisasjoner og kursaktører tilby og etterspørre kurs. Tilbud og etterspørsler etter kurs vil bli lagt på denne nettsiden og postet i et nyhetsbrev med dette formål.

Kurs utenfor Norge

Powerful storytelling and ethical content gathering

(BOND 4. mai) You’ll delve into the practicalities and processes of gathering and creating content from the UK and overseas, from finding contributors and gaining consent to managing photography and filming. You’ll also understand the ethical frameworks for content gathering, including gaining truly-informed consent and being GDPR-compliant. This essential training will equip you to better engage your audiences with the authentic voices of your programme participants, while operating within the highest ethical standards.

Online Monitoring Evaluation and Learning

(INTRAC 22. april - 3. juni) Do you need to build effective monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) into project and programme work for both accountability and learning? This course will strengthen your skills in supporting the monitoring and evaluation objectives of your organisation, from programme design through to evaluation and impact assessment.

Analysing Qualitative Data

(INTRAC 10. juni) Do you struggle with knowing how to analyse and report your qualitative data? We gather a huge variety of such data, from interviews and discussion groups, videos, documents and free comment. These stories are important for understanding meaning, for accessing lived experience, and for bringing other data ‘alive’. But sometimes the quantity of data can be overwhelming, and we’re not always sure exactly how to analyse or report it. This one-day course will equip you to tackle basic qualitative data analysis, taking you through the steps of preparing, coding, summarizing and reporting stories while retaining the richness and humanity of people’s narratives.

Planning and practice in monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning

(BOND 9. - 10 . juni) This course introduces key MEAL trends, systems and tools and uses a case study to give you hands-on experience in designing a MEAL plan. You will also have the opportunity to share experiences, challenges and lessons of doing MEAL with peers.