Global Investors Making Transparency Possible

Finance Norway, Storebrand, NORSIF, KLP, Global Financial Integrity (GFI), Oslo Metropolitan University and PWYP Norway are hosting an investor conference 1 20th October 2020, in Oslo, Norway

The world is filled with information that is either inaccessible, unintelligible, not possible to compare or downright not trustworthy. This cost society and investors enormous amounts of money every year.

This conference will focus on “Quality of Information. Quality of Reporting”.

Quality of information is about how information needs to be standardized and normalized in order to become accessible and possible to compare.

Quality of reporting is about how information needs to be trustworthy and brought forward in ways that makes it universally accessible for the benefits of investors and the wider society.

This conference will gather interested actors wishing to be a part of an international environment discussing the direction, quality and development in the area of tax and transparency.

We hope this conference can be a starting point of bringing the investor community together in an effort to get information that is trustworthy, that is intelligible, that is comparable in places that is accessible and allows for automated collection and treatment. Last, but not least, it is necessary to ensure that information that is made available follows a logical build-up and some minimum requirements that ensure that the information is internally coherent and externally complete within the frame it is intended to fill.

The conference is open for all audience and free of charge.

Start: 2020.10.20 08:30
Arrangør: PWYP Norway med flere