Sovereign debt crises post COVID-19: What implications for the green shift?

Countries were saddled with historically high debt burdens before the corona crisis. Expensive economic measures have pushed several sovereigns into debt distress or high risk of being so, and more are expected in the coming years. Lower income economies have been hit especially hard. Unsustainable sovereign debt could hamper financing of new green industries and possibly endanger the attainment of the goals under the Paris Climate Agreement. What policy measures need to be adopted in order to avoid this outcome? And how can climate financing avoid exacerbating already precarious debt vulnerabilities?
Iolanda Fresnillo, Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer, European Network on Debt and Development (Eurodad)
Håkon Grindheim, Political Adviser, Norwegian Church Aid
Naja Amanda Lynge Møretrø, Climate Policy Coordinator, Changemaker Norway
Thea Sofie Rusten Grastveit, Political Adviser, Debt Justice Norway
Start: 2021.03.02 14:15
Arrangør: Verdensseminaret