The Question of Syria 2019 - The Struggle for Home

Welcome to the fifth edition of The Question of Syria conference! This year's Question of Syria will expand the discussion beyond nation state politics by reflecting on questions of belonging, exile, everyday political expression, right to land, citizenship and return.

The Question of Syria 2019 - The Struggle for Home invites intellectuals, specialists and artists from Iraq, Palestine, Syria, Sudan as well as Norway to think together about home.

17:00-18:30: PART ONE: Searching for Home
--Keynote by Omar Mohammad (founder of Mosul Eye عين الموصل): Time, Space and People: Untold History of Mosul
--Alia Malek (author of The Home that Was Our Country: A Memoir of Syria): When Home is Unattainable, What Replaces it?
--Nadim Khoury (Associate Professor II Bjørknes Høyskole): Home and Homeland in the Palestinian Right to Return
--Moderator Joakim Parslow, Associate Professor - Middle East Studies, University of Oslo and Chair of Centre for Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Oslo.

18:30-19:00: Break & book signature of Alia Malek’s The Home That Was Our Country: A Memoir of Syria

19:00-20:30: PART TWO: The Art of Resistance
--Cassius Fadlabi (co-founder of Khartoum Contemporary Art Center مركز الخرطوم للفن المعاصر): Reclaiming Home: Visualizing Resistance in Sudan Protests
--Rana Issa (Assistant Professor at American University of Beirut and a board member of SPACE): Update from Lebanon


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Start: 2019.11.22 17:00
Arrangør: SPACE (Syrian Peace Action Centre)